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I’m enjoying listening to Jeremy Corbyn… I’d like to hear more of him over the coming years…

So bored of the lilac and pink shades of Labour over recent years, the new hope for Labour Jeremy Corbyn is converting the masses to a lovely shade of scarlet 😉

If you would like to see him lead the way then you have 2 days in which to register your support… you don’t have to join the labour party, simply say you want to support them over the next few weeks… if they opt for Tory light candidate then you can get back to to where you were before!

The country needs a feeling of hope which is hasn’t felt in years… I had to put my hand up and support this guy, he is coming across far more real than any other politician I have heard speak and the many anecdotal stories that come to light reinforce my belief in him.

If you are feeling the same vibe then make the effort to offer your support and pay just £3 into Labours coffers in the hope of a better tomorrow… you have just 2 days to do so… get on with it >>>

Sir Winston Churchill has been quoted (possibly wrongly but hey) of saying “If you are not a Liberal at 25 you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at 35 you have no brain.” Which obviously refers to wealth creation and the more you have the more you want / need.

Never having had too much moola perhaps I’m guilty of being idealistic and enjoying watching the new king of the people being crowned in the shape of Jeremy Corbyn.

Each time I hear his recordings I feel there is a strong man with extensive political experience who should take the Labour leadership crown next month and also has a blinking good chance of storming to victory in 2020 assuming he doesn’t accidentally fall off a cliff which seems to happen to the good guys.

There is hope for the nation… you can feel it in the hearts and minds of those watching his speeches… he doesn’t suffer fools and gives as good as he gets without being rude… he’s respectful and courteous in his dealings with others… top bloke.

Here are a few for your consideration and then, if you do feel the vibe, take that extra step…

That extra step >>>

Thank you.


7 thoughts on “I’m enjoying listening to Jeremy Corbyn… I’d like to hear more of him over the coming years…

  1. Jon, Real Bad Move on your Commercial Operations… You should avoid promoting politics… and especially maybe communism? Just a heads up On the other hand maybe business is booming from all the left wing Councils? Regards K


    1. People who are listening to me after 13 years of publishing will be well aware I’m into fair play and know that I’m likely to comment on most topics. This means my audience is made up of well balanced individuals and they will ask me for help when the time is right for them. If I didn’t say what I thought about this and he failed in his bid then I’d be cross with myself for not lending a helping hand when I had the chance.


  2. Has everyone forgotten the dire economic mess the last ‘Tory light’ Labour government left? The current government may not be to your liking but voting for Corbyn destroys any credible opposition and you’ll be stuck with a Tory government for many years.


    1. I keep hearing that argument but surely the reason Labour didn’t win was because there was no real difference between the them and the Tories and Nicola Sturgeon scared any fence sitters straight over to Cameron… with Corbyn there is a stark difference and the nation then really does have a choice.


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