relaunching on this day in history

Relaunched on this day in history…

I first launched on this day in history back in 2002, around the same time we pushed out with Business in Berkshire…

It attracted thousands of page views but not enough to bring in sponsors so I did it for the fun of it for a number of years but then my energy ran out and I parked the pages on the new Berkshire Blog.

Now we’re exploring alternative, more physical revenue streams and so it made sense to push the pages out under their own skin… has been re born.

I plan on pushing out a blog each day at 9am with that days fun facts… tune in to follow the blog by email (down the right) or if Twitter’s your bag, tune in via @jondavey … this way you can RT it to your pals and we can come up with some RT prizes for effort 😉

Thank you for listening…

See you on this day on maybe another!

Jon Davey

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