more money less stress aspire slough

More Money, Less Stress! … Sounds good, would you like some?

Fact: Most owners of small businesses do NOT pay themselves enough money and are NOT really satisfied.

Many business owners ‘complain’ (privately) that they aren’t really getting what they want. They are often very busy but are caught in a trap which means more and more work effort and still a challenge to bring home enough spare cash.

IF that sounds like you (and privately you must be honest!) or anyone that you know, then come along to this event.

There is NO COST

More Money, Less Stress! The Business Booster… there is a better way >>> BOOK HERE >>>

Ben Kench, the UK’s No1 Sales and Business Growth Specialist is an entertaining and energetic speaker. He created The Business Booster which has helped thousands of business owners generate millions of extra pounds in revenue and he wrote ‘Selling For Dummies’ which is the ‘best seller’ for sales tips.

More Money, Less Stress! The Business Booster… there is a better way >>> BOOK HERE >>>

This event will be both entertaining and highly interactive.
It will give you a real energy ‘Boost’ and some very simple and powerful ideas that you can use to grow your business.

During this evening event you will hear how
– You can have 50% more this year if you apply 5 simple ‘tweaks’
– Your business can produce 25%+ more revenue with NO EXTRA EFFORT
– Your competitors are leaving cash on the table how you can sweep it up

Ben will share insights and real life examples of significant impact within clients companies and show YOU how this can be applied to YOUR business.

Learn how
– A client of Ben’s recently added £400,000 to their bottom line after only 3 months of working with Ben

– Another client added £1,000,000 a year to their revenue after working with Ben for 9 months

– Several clients have applied a few simple ‘tweaks’ and have seen increase in £5,000 to £25,000 each month

“You dont know what you dont know”.
Sharing and learning is where we all grow. Do not miss this chance to share with Ben.

Warning! This programme contains specific material and exposes many untruths. Businesses of all sizes can be significantly enhanced and many are being lied to and duped – this programme peels back the veil and gives you the facts. DO NOT come if you are not wanting to increase your cash flow and improve your life!

More Money, Less Stress! The Business Booster… there is a better way >>> BOOK HERE >>>

slough aspire centre

Where: Aspire Centre
350 Edinburgh Avenue
Slough Trading Estate
Slough, SL1 4TU

When: Wednesday 23rd September 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Come along after work. Have a drink and nibble, enjoy superb networking and connect with Ben and The Business Booster

More Money, Less Stress! The Business Booster… there is a better way >>> BOOK HERE >>>

Thank you.


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