treating refugees as the problem is the problem

In the people business – some people are dying – interested?

When I first read the title as it popped up in LinkedIn I thought Rafiq had put pen to paper about an uncle he has who runs a chain of old people’s homes… what I read made me reflect, I hope you do too…

Hope you have all slept well, ate well and are feeling safe. Well I did too, accept I ain’t sleeping so well. I ain’t thinking that great either. That’s because when I see fellow humans in pain and the world hates and turns their back I don’t sleep so well, I start arguing with people on Facebook, in the Daily Mail comments page, even in the Guardian comments page, maybe I’m different maybe i should just be getting on with my day job and enjoying what I have been blessed with because I’ve got all I need and the rest of the World well that’s their problem, that’s the EU’s problem, that’s those stupid foreigners just not sorting their problems. And yes before you say it this ain’t Facebook this is Linkedin we dont do that stuff on Linkedin. Well if we don’t do that stuff on Linkedin how are we in the people business, when people are dying. I was thoughtful though I didn’t use the iconic picture of the little boy with the red top washed up on the Turkish shore. That was too painful, I didn’t want your sensibilities to be troubled or for you to choke on your cornflakes. So when you do your stuff today on leadership and on performance and all the things you do every day remember its got to count for something, it has to contribute to making the world a better place not just for you and me and our families but for those who really need us and our greatness and our privilege, otherwise it ain’t worth a squat. If you hate me for posting this, I am ok with that I want that sort of reaction, If you support me, please speak with your colleagues share this post, tell your bosses, say you want change, say we got to help. Tell your politicians that we got to change, this aint the world I want, Tell the United Nations, support the UNHCR and every charity that supports refugees and promotes peace and harmony. We are only as strong as the weakest member of our human society, don’t tell me about your success, about your goals, about your dreams, tell me how you in the people business helped other people so that they too can be in the people business. That they too can have a life for their families and have all the things that we have otherwise your success my success ain’t worth diddly squat. Have a nice day!

Rafiq Chohan

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