more money less stress aspire slough

Who do you know who would appreciate attending this event?

Running your own business can be tough… often you cannot see the wood for the trees…

Berkshire’s answer to a well known optical chain for business people suffering from short sightedness is going to be at Slough’s Aspire Centre for one night only on 23rd September!

more money less stress aspire slough

Ben Kench’s Business Booster “More Money, Less Stress!”

If it pans out anything like his last event it will be standing room only 😉

And if given a warm reception and allowed to leave town safely he’ll be back to deliver more insight in future months!

There are many who are great talkers, amazing on stage but then they turn vacuous as they walk off… obviously you need an ego to get up in front of people but Ben’s desire to help business people move forward is greater than his ego and his wisdom stares you in the face, ready to be accessed by your questions.

The only way to see if Ben has got some of what you need and if his personality would work alongside your own is to come and hear him talk and then, if you feel a connection, approach him with your questions and the rest, as they say, will be history…

Here are a few testimonials from those who have worked with Ben Kench Business Booster up north… thankfully he is now based down south and Berkshire can now benefit from his energy…

You can read more about the event here or you can simply book your FREE ticket here and I’ll see you on the night.

Thank you.


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