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How do you follow up after an exhibition (EXPO)?

What do you do about following up after you’ve taken part in an exhibition?

Is the phrase “Not a lot” bouncing around in your head?

How much did you pay for the stand? How much energy did you put into it? Might be a good idea to make contact with a few of those people you met, what do you think? Great idea, thought you’d agree!


You had to do a lotta, lotta smiling… that can be exhausting for most people 😉 Are you thinking you better pluck your eyebrows pre-expo!

There was the new marketing collateral you produced… as well as the team taking time out from their day jobs to man the stand… lots of energy required! You have to look your best… you looking at me?


Now the expo is over you’ve added all the contacts you made to your email database and they’ll get your regular newsletter, marvellous, so I guess that’s that, nothing left to do, back to the day job.

Do you often reflect, wondering what business you’ve got out of exhibitions? Writing it off as a marketing exercise allowing you to move on to try something new…

You’ve got far too much to do and so has everyone else to worry too much about doing any more than that right? That’s OK crack on…


HOLD IT RIGHT THERE… You’re missing a trick sunshine…

business plan tech city

What about if someone was to make contact with everyone you met at the show to determine if there are any golden opportunities you are missing out on, that would be the sensible thing to do right? 😉

And I don’t mean that you need to give the poor young receptionist a pile of cards and say call them when you’ve got a minute. Well she talks on the phone, so making a few calls out is no big deal is it?

Of course it is, why don’t you want to do it? Making phone calls is a skilled job, it requires a calm strategic approach, not a quick “Hello, nice to meet you, thanks, see you again, laters ;)”

jonathan l davey under the microscope social media directors

That’s where I come in… let’s talk… contact me or fill in the form below and I’ll call you 😉

Thank you.

Jon Davey
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823
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