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Business in Berkshire Membership 2015-6

Some folk like to do their own research and read pages of content, others prefer to talk on the phone, F2F or in groups.

And then there are those that can multi task!

To be successful in business you:
• firstly need to grab the attention of your audience
• need to be clear about what you offer
• leave them wanting more or at least smiling, preferably both

In this way you become memorable because there will be a 1% chance they actually need what you’ve got right now but a 30% PLUS chance that they’ll need you in the future.

Each month we’ll have a conversation on the phone or face to face (probably quarterly F2F) and discuss what’s upper most in your mind that you want the world to know about?

We’ll then:
• write a blog based on what’s what
• push the blog out via our website, newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (around 10,000 unique recipients)
• have some fun with it, connect to national news story in some way

We’ll let it bubble around a bit and then we can do some follow up:
• phone those who have clicked through from the newsletter
• make contact with those in our network that might find what you’ve got interesting
• or do some follow up on your behalf

How often do you attend networking events, visit exhibitions or more importantly, take part in Expos and not follow up on the information gathered? You’re not alone…

We can arrange a meeting:
• Face to Face
• Organise a workshop to highlight your skills
• Or direct business people to an EXPO, networking or other event you are taking part in

We’ll agree a fee that works for both parties and then help you drive more business this year… fill out the form below and let’s talk soonest.

Thank you.

What have we done lately?

For a business coach we’re attracting business owners

For an International company we secured a contract with the largest regional publisher in the UK

For a crowd funding platform we got them involved with the official Magna Carta event

For the local council we secured sponsorship from Heathrow

For a 1 man band we opened the door for a meeting with one of the UK fastest growing technology companies

What are you looking to achieve? Tell me and let’s see how we can work together to make your day, week, even your year 😉

Thank you.

Jon Davey
07717 820823

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