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Virtual Assistants in Slough

I’ve just googled “Virtual Assistant Slough” with the intent of sending some invitations to local VAs for this event in November…

• The first bunch of links on Google where American firms trying to sell me software

• The Yell link offered me a bunch of sponsored links, 90% outside Slough!

• I would have thought VAs would be all over Google maps but NO!

So what’s wrong with this picture… or is it that VAs are just very busy doing stuff for clients that they have no time to put content about themselves out there?

If that’s the case then there will be no demand for the event we’ve put on in Slough… no need for 30 VAs to come together and chat about busy Virtual Assistant stuff!

If they are busy then they’ll need all the extra hands they can get their mitts on to help them with building their business to the next level.


Or fill in the form below saying you’re busy and need more hands to the pump and we’ll see what dots we can join up… also fill in the form if you are looking for VA work and would like connecting to a busy VA organisation.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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