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When I was asked to write a book… zzz…

OK, so when I was asked to write a chapter of Steve Bridger’s latest business encyclopaedia… zzz…

OK, OK, so when Steve asked if I could write 500 words on Newsletters because he has been signed up as a VIP hotlist recipient for my email newsletter for the last 10 years and frequently compliments me on my ability to inspire his creative juices for his next novel… zzz…

Why do I feel like the bloke on the TV advert who has an electrode stapled to his neck and gets electric shocks when he exaggerates the story while driving his new motor around town 😉

Hands up who thought I was heading down a sleepy route… zzz… silly you… nope truth be told, Steve said his Newsletter guru had to fly to America to do a keynote on TED, would I make a contribution as mine are OK… I hung gratefully onto the OK and said why thank you kind sir for asking… any road, it’s almost published…

Press release from Stevie B below…

this time next year Stevie B 😉

Steve Bridger

Invaluable advice to:
Overcome Public Speaking Nerves
Write Effectively
Present Professionally

Transform Your Communication Skills is a collaboration of 11 coaching professionals that will positively develop readers speaking, writing and presenting talents in their working and personal lives.

This book provides practical self-help advice on a conversational level for easy understanding. It spans the common elements of communication, of public speaking, of knowing how to prepare and deliver a presentation and how to dramatically improve personal writing skills. Transform Your Communication Skills is a comprehensive reference book written for everyday use. It is structured with modular chapters to allow readers to access information on a particular issue for the first time or as a handy reminder as they progress. The final reference section concentrates on punctuation points and includes an A-Z of useful terms.

The enduring benefits are for readers to learn how to manage nerves when speaking in public, create engaging presentations time after time and develop writing skills to produce effective results to influence, to encourage, to prompt action.

By learning these skills readers will fast track their careers or improve their normal working lives, become more confident in their personal abilities and be better placed to fulfil their potential and achieve positive and long lasting change.

STEVE BRIDGER is a business author of Success before Start-Up 2011 and a novel One Degree North – An Action Thriller 2014. He is a business coach and contributor to Surrey University and delivers seminars on Business Start-Ups at the City of London Business Library.

PUBLISHED 28th November 2015
ISBN 9781784624996

Distributor: ´Orca Book Services. Tel: 01235 465521. Email:
BIC subject category : VSC Advice on careers & achieving success
Paperback 234×156 mm Portrait

Please contact Alice Graham
Tel: 0116 279 2299 Email:
Troubador Publishing Ltd, 9 Priory Business Park, Kibworth, Leicester LE8 0RX

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