ben kench business booster bracknell

Business Coaching Bracknell Taster event…

It can be very difficult to listen to the opinions of others, especially those inside your business.

Existing internal business relationships are complex and so to avoid upsetting the applecart it can make a great deal of sense to look outside your organisation for someone with real business experience who will tell you as it is… not simply to create work for themselves but to help you see the wood for the trees.

Ben Kench offers a money back guarantee if he can’t get you 2-3x his engagement fee in return!

So if he feels he cannot help you or you’d be better helped by someone else he will say so.

Why would you not invite him in to share your struggles and see if he can add some value to your world? You have nothing to lose and only valuable insight to gain…

Ben’s next taster event “More Money, Less Stress” in Bracknell is at St Anne’s Manor on the morning of the 18th November… if there are 3 or more in your business and you’re looking for ideas, come and join us… read on or simply book your seat below…

18th November 9am – 12pm St Anne’s Manor, Bracknell

ben kench business booster bracknell

More Money, Less Stress

– It IS Possible!!

Discover The 3 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make


Learn How 5 Simple ‘Tweaks’ Will Transform Your Year

This is your invitation to join Ben Kench, the UK’s No1 Sales & Business Growth Specialist and learn more about core areas of your business to literally create ‘More Money, Less Stress’.

If you ever feel that you are working long hours and doing all that you can but still not giving you spare cash at the end of the month….

If you find yourself feeling strapped for cash and yet you have ideas that you want to action and don’t have the money…

If you feel frustrated that your ambitions are yet reached...

Then More Money, Less Stress is what you need!!

This fun and lively workshop is NOT a heavy sales event…and it is NOT a ‘Magic Wand’ solution either…but instead a genuine shared arena showing you and demonstrating real examples of business situations today that can be applied to YOUR business. 

3 common mistakes exposed

5 simply applied ‘tweaks’

1 beneficial workshop

“Its amazing! So many business owners could do so much better if they only learned just a little!” says Ben Kench – Sales & Business Growth Specialist 

YOUR day can be less stressful, YOU can have more fun AND still achieve more! I PROMISE to show you how:

– Marketing does not have to cost a lot of money

– Sales do not have to be at low-margin in a ‘competitive world’

– Cash flow can flow!

– You do not have to work longer hours under more pressure to succeed

– You CAN get back to the ‘dream’ that got you started in the first place

Over £40 Million added to small businesses, 10 years of success helping businesses win  – YOUR time is now.

Ben Kench author of ‘Selling For Dummies’ and creator of the award winning ‘The Business Booster’ programme is an expert in literally ‘turning a business on’. His energetic and open style coupled with intuitive and innovative solutions have helped him become a sought after speaker and best selling business author…and in this event he promises to literally ‘open up’ those solutions and show YOU how to apply them to YOUR business.

“If you keep on doing what you have always done,

you keep on getting what you have always got” 

You do not have to come of course!

You could carry on trying harder and hoping this year things will finally improve….and you could keep hoping, keep working longer hours, keep enduring the stress and impact on personal life…..but what if it doesn’t get a lot better? What if you are doing all you can…but there’s a ‘trick’ or a ‘tweak’ that you don’t know and that if you did know it could seriously help?! What if?….

What have you got to lose? Meet with Ben, chat openly and ask questions…and mix in a vibrant room of business owners al equally keen to grow.

Fact: If you are not 100% satisfied with your current business performance then this quite simply will be the best investment you could make to improve things radically for next year.

Personal Guarantee – Simply put, I promise to give you ‘value’ in return for your time…and I will make time available privately if you feel that your personal situation is not helped in this group workshop environment.

Ben Kench

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