business in berkshire linkedin group statistics august 2014

Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group just hit 3,000 Members

As we sped towards 3,000 members after just 7 years! I reached out those who were joining and invited them to say who they were and how they had found out about the group… 50% responded thus…

Matt Garvey
What a great local business group. We have been based in West Berkshire since 1982 and 95% of what we do is in the local area so it is idea to find a place that brings local businesses together. Thanks to my colleague Jon Thompson for telling me about the group.

Owen Lloyd
I’m a member of the business engagement team at the Knowledge Transfer Centre at the University of Reading. My role is to help make it easier for businesses to engage and collaborate with the University in order to access our research and work with our students and graduates.
I’ll be attending the ‘Support and Funding for SME’s in Berkshire’ mentioned by Catherine Jenkins in this group a couple of days ago and look forward to meeting anyone from the group that might be attending.

Martin Hawes
I came across the group whilst looking at another recruiter’s profile on LinkedIn and thought it was a great opportunity to reach out to other organisations in Berkshire.
We’ve been based in Wokingham for six years now and provide bespoke recruitment solutions to a growing number of SME clients across a range of sectors, including Technology, Executive Education, Golf and Leisure. We aim to provide a first class service to both clients and candidates alike.

Guy Helman
I came across the group through another member. We are a Berkshire based training company offering fully funded apprenticeships and vocational qualifications.

Jo Thompson
The Jo Thompson Recruitment team came across the group whilst looking at other business profile’s on LinkedIn. We are currently expanding our team in Berkshire and thought it would be a great opportunity to link and potentially work with other organisations in the area.

Tim Rees
I’m a Newbury based entrepreneur. Only joined today so must’ve just been a couple off being the 3000th here! I think I saw some sort of recommended group link because a couple of my contacts are here already.

Jonathan L Davey
Just think what might have been had you not been wearing shades… you might have made your move a day earlier and been our WINNER 😉

Tim Rees
But look out of the window at the glorious sunshine. How can I not wear shades in this weather!!?

So what do we have… recruiters looking to grow their business… established local business looking to connect locally… those from higher education looking to educate… business people seeing how the competition is connected and almost young entrepreneurs making hay while the sun shines 😉

Perhaps you should be part of the gang if you aren’t already… and if you are, make yourself more visible by starting discussions that get business folk thinking… especially if you’re a consultant with a head for heights… ask one of two meaningful questions that make others amongst us respond, allowing your greatness to dazzle those with a cheque book to hand!

See you in the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group…

Thank you.


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