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Is your mind like a parachute?

I had a meeting last week when someone said… “Is your mind like a parachute? It works better when it’s open…”

Research shows they were inspired by Frank Zappa lyrics but hey, great minds and all that, “slam dunk” as our Cheryl would say…

So is it… your mind open… keep up! If not, why not? Are you making the money you want to make or does it feel like one step forward, two back?

The only way to change your thinking is to accept that your current thinking isn’t working! Sounds obvious but so difficult to do… of course we’re always right… OK nearly always… K, K sometimes… 😉

You’d best get along to Ben’s next Business Booster event at St Anne’s Manor, Bracknell on 18th Nov 9am

ben kench business booster bracknell

Yesterday we hosted an event at The Apollo, Basingstoke and I got to the room first as the drive from Windsor had been free flowing and so took a nice photo of the layout in anticipation of Ben’s arrival…

Ben Kench Business Booster u shape

He landed and wanted rounds… a few minutes later it was all changed around by the very competent team at The Apollo Hotel Basingstoke.

Ben Kench Business Booster round tables

The audience was small but perfectly formed… as already mentioned, it takes a lot for people to admit to themselves they need help and so take time out consider what another can offer…

Ben Kench Business Booster moving forward

We got in a film crew to capture this session to video for use once it’s in the can! Most everyone gave a 90 second testimony after the event, even those who are generally shy of the camera… can’t wait to be able to use them…

Ben Kench Business Booster TV crew

All in all a very inspiring morning for those present and I’ll be touching base next week to gather their thoughts on using Ben to move their businesses forward…

Some sales people would be on the phone immediately, strike while the irons hot and all that but it is far more important that people have time to reflect on what their reality is for a few days so they can commit to change rather than just give it lip service…

You might say, to open their mind like a parachute… 😉

Join us next time >>>

Thank you.


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