Using Social Media to spread the love…

On Friday afternoon I pushed out 3 stories on the I Love Windsor blog and shared them via various Facebook Groups I am part of for the local area and nearly 3,000 chose to look at the information… amazing what social media can deliver if you try…

Everyone loves to party… 2099 views…

windsor facebook 2099 views

Local council talking about removing traffic lights at the end of Clewer Hill Road as currently breaching European air pollution levels… 611 views…

windsor facebook 611 views

Local schools needs the support of RBWM residents… 230 views…

windsor facebook 230 views

This morning I’ve got my business hat on and I’m looking to get 20 business people along to Ben’s Business Booster workshop on 18th November at St Anne’s Manor.

ben kench business booster bracknell

Do you know anyone who is running a small business who would like to move it forward but is struggling to do so… perhaps Ben could help them?

No commitment, they just need to come and listen to Ben share a few stories about how he’s helped other business owners move forward… he has a boot full of testimonials…

Get them to BOOK A SEAT HERE >>>

Nothing ventured, nothing gained and with a zero cost to just listen for a couple of hours… free tea & coffee and lots of parking…

Come on down.

Thank you.


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