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CROWD FUNDING : T’is the season to be jolly…

Ho… ho… ho… time to start thinking of how you can help your fellow man and woman!

Crowd Funding is a great way to bring the community together and I’d like to help three projects achieve their goal this Yuletide.

Last year I was heavily involved with crowd funding, working with CrowdPatch to create more awareness of their platform and as we head towards 2016 they have made some great headway and are currently focused on speeding up the platform.

In today’s world we are all so impatient… we want things to work instantaneously and that requires the best of infrastructures… would seem Rackspace have a great service for ensuring your email servers don’t get full of spam according to one of my business partners.

And my own experience of working with crowd funding last year showed me that first of all you need a project that a community will get behind… so something for a school or community group makes sense.

Then each project needs a leader… someone to do most of the work… I’m happy to support others but I can’t take on their project… for starters it will be them that are passionate about it, not me!

So spread the word, Jon Davey is looking to help 3 schools / community groups crowd fund something the need this Christmas time… and they’d better move quick and fill in the form below…

Share this page with those people you know who could benefit from some help raising funds for a project.

ben kench business booster bracknell

Also, I need help finding small business owners who need help… perhaps Ben Kench could help them move their businesses forward? We’ve got an event on 18th November at St Anne’s Manor and I’m looking to get 20 business owners along…


Thank you.

07717 820823

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