promoting ben kench events using twitter

Promoting Business Events in #Bracknell & #Wokingham using Twitter

When it comes to promoting business events in Bracknell & Wokingham in 2015 then you need to try multiple channels to gain access to your target market.

I’m currently focused on driving business owners to Ben Kench’s Business Booster events and I’m using a mix of blog posts, email newsletters, telemarketing, direct emails, business networking, LinkedIn and Twitter to encourage busy business owners through the doors of St Anne’s Manor on 18th November.

While the event is free to attend, I’m looking to attract the right kind of attendees…

• Those that have a real business (employ 2+ others)
• Those that know they need help
• Those that are ready, willing and able to listen to someone else

Tick the above boxes and then it’s simply a matter of do they think they could work with Ben Kench?

By spending 2 hours in Ben’s company, listening to how he works, the companies he’s helped and for him to share his obvious passion for helping others, people know if he is the business coach they have been waiting for.

Those that feel the connection invite Ben round for a brew and the rest, given time and a fair wind, as they say, will be history…

ben kench tweetsTwitter has been around a while… almost 10 years… which means it’s gone past the “ra ra” stage of evolution and is now used by people to do business. From listening to conversation around a topic, to finding out what someone is interested in, to pushing promotional tweets onto the timeline of a local audience for their consideration and reflection.

Most adverts will be viewed in the evening as people relax and turn away from traditional business mechanics and begin to engage with their own Twitter feed. This doesn’t mean it’s inactive during the day, we all have our favourite social channels.

And because we are 10 years in, people of all ages are involved… those 20 somethings that engaged on 21st March 2006 as the first tweets were shared are now 30 somethings in decision making positions, just waiting for the perfect tweet to land so they can take action for a better tomorrow 😉

gwynneth dancing at wokingham street concertFor this project I have created 3 different adverts and focused half the tweets on Bracknell postcodes and half on Wokingham. So far more clicking has occurred over Wokingham way… 90% more… perhaps because Wokingham was voted the happiest place in the country… all thanks to Gwynneth Hewetson and her friends at t’council… they’re dancing in the streets and so chilled out they just love clicking on tweets that could only possibly bring them more success…

bob wadeAnd all that Bracknell have had is Bob Wade as business champion… and with his bunions, not really fair competition 😉

If you want to know more about making the most of Twitter then give me a shout.

If you want to grow your business and would like to see if Ben is your man then clear your morning diary for the 18th November…

and book your seat here >>>

Thank you.

07717 820823

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