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The Lexicon Bracknell – Bracknell’s Regenerated Town Centre

Yesterday evening I was at a meeting of Bracknell Business Network where attendees heard from Richard Poyser about THE LEXICON BRACKNELL a 1,000,000 square metre retail and entertainment space that will make up the new town centre.

bracknell town development

A £240,000,000 investment, a joint venture between Mace and Legal & General which is set to bring shoppers from as far as the eye can see…

Jon Goosey Bracknell Deputy Policing Commander

Jon Goosey, Bracknell Deputy Policing Commander, shared how Bracknell’s crime rates are the lowest in the Thames Valley which along with the redevelopment is set to add a few pounds to the cost of housing in the area… so it could be a good investment for those who like to play the property game.

Jon is looking for a couple of business owners to help with the Police cadets in Bracknell… let me know if you’d like to know more.

bracknell business network meeting 4th november

James Sackley from the Bracknell Forest Economic Development Team shared news on the new website, I’ll add a link as soon as I know where it’s at… because importantly, those that are landing the Tier 1 contracts for Bracknell’s redevelopment are looking for local craftsmen to join in and add their touch of magic to The Lexicon Bracknell.

Now since Bracknell is getting a makeover you should perhaps reflect on your business and think, is it up to par for the new dawn?

If you think you could do with a bit of polish then perhaps Ben Kench’s Business Booster is the business development process for you? You’ll not know if you don’t attend one of his events and see if you like his way of doing things…

Next up… 18th November at St Anne’s Manor… JOIN US >>>

ben kench business booster bracknell

Thank you.

07717 820823

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