ben kench business booster bracknell

Opening the right doors at just the right time

This is what every sales person dreams about but how can you possibly know which are the right doors at the right time?

You can do some educated guessing but if your target is a business owner who is looking for a little help but only they know they are looking for / need that help, then how do you find them?

With a little help from your friends that’s how…

I could do with half a dozen more for next week’s Business Booster at St Anne’s Manor.

The perfect profile is 5 people, 5 years in business, turnover £500k+ and looking to grow.

So they know what their business is but are having some sticking blocks that need sweeping away and could do with a business coach with energy, drive and real life experience of growing businesses.

Know anyone who comes close, matches a couple of the criteria above and would be happy, if slightly reluctant, to take guidance from another…

It’s always difficult if you’ve ploughed your own furrow to listen to others but if the right person comes along then you should give them the time of day to share what they know and see if you could rub along together.

Ben Kench is laying his experience on the table for a couple of hours at St Anne’s Manor next Wednesday and if you or someone you know could benefit then you’d be doing them a disservice not to forward the event link so if they have the time they can book in.

It could be a life changing experience… worse case, it’s a nice way to spend a Wednesday morning !

Thank you.

07717 820823

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