Barriers to Growth – open up your channels

Flourishing business improvement technology provider Flowlens has recently established a presence in the UK, and Berkshire-based Commercial Manager Alan McIntosh (pictured at a recent event) has some advice for growing businesses.

Many small to moderately sized businesses find their growth plans hindered for surprisingly common reasons. Day-to-day my role involves speaking to business owners and the key theme I find to one of the biggest impairments to growth is the business itself.

Many companies just simply aren’t operationally mature enough for progression – this is generally because of supply chain control, poor client management, process inefficiencies or cash control. If it’s not one or all of these things it is a lack of visibility of them or poor systems to support them.

Some really simple changes can make a huge differences in this space. For example, instead of hiring another operator or administrator to deal with a manual task look at your processes and ask… is there another way of doing this more proficiently? An FTE on national minimum annual wage costs £23, 739 per annum and job satisfaction is tremendously impacted by inefficiencies.

Flowlens provides full customer lifecycle solutions automating all your processes and providing absolute visibility of client, workflow, effort and spend. Liberating your workforce to focus on revenue generating activities. The knock on effect of this is not only improved profitability but also enhanced customer satisfaction through improvement of service.

It’s about linking up every aspect of your business, making it efficient and fit for growth.

If you’d like to learn more about how Flowlens helps businesses streamline sales, purchasing, production and service, contact Alan on alan.mcintosh@flowlens.com

Alan McIntosh
UK Commercial Manager
Mob. 07468 694086

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