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Do you know your business worth and is it worth protecting?

I’ve recently been inundated by people wanting to buy my business and it got me to thinking. If I did sell, how could I be sure to capitalise on my investment?

I have been promoting my resilience pentagon under the banner of reducing operational risk and increasing resilience. Why stop there? How about if we were successful enough to be looking for business to acquire or simply need reliable suppliers for an increasing range of products or services?

gareth crompton operational risks resilience and continuity

Here’s what you can easily do right now:

  • Consider these five resilience foundations of your business or a prospective acquisition.
  • If something disruptive happened, it could have a ricochet effect and do more damage than you may imagine.
  • Do SWOT analyses in the five areas to identify improvements and plan changes.
  • Implement improvements and you have just increased the value of your company.

I’m happy to talk through the process and answer any questions over the phone for free for anyone who is interested.


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