franchise business booster 2016

Give your franchise a business boost in 2016

Are you a Franchisor? Are you involved in a franchised company and are frustrated by the constant ‘issues’ that working with a group of ‘independent’ franchisees brings?!

You are not alone!

However The Franchise Business Booster is a direct and specific programme that can become your perfect partner.

The Franchise Business Booster is a combination of Ben Kench’s Business Booster event which has coached hundreds of business owners over the years and his Academy format which brings business people together. Taking the format that is known to work for business owners and tailoring in a bespoke fashion to suit exactly YOUR franchised network and the specific challenges that it faces.

Combining the energy and ‘Boost’ of a Main Event (specifically tailored to YOUR market demands) and then the on-going Academy where we partner with your resources and ADD support on a daily and monthly to individually assist with franchisee growth.

Adding resource… but also adding very specific Innovative Marketing and Refined sales skills so that the performance of your franchisees grows and your energy drain reduces!

A perfect scenario!

If you are a franchisor and are fed up off the constant franchisee support issues then contact us now and we will look at how The Business Booster can partner with you to make this year tangibly more successful!! (Oh, and did I mention that it is often an absolutely nominal cost?!)

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