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Could this be some of what you need in 2016?

In business there is a phrase, “Always do what you’ve always done and you’ll always get what you’ve always got!”

You’ve been a member of that networking group for a year now, what has it brought you?

You’ve been paying Google, Facebook & LinkedIn to push out your ads, what has it brought you?

If tons of business then crack on… if not, perhaps you need a fresh approach?

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Today it would seem most people are heading to their phone to engage online. A recent Twitter ad campaign for my talk (in Hall 1) at The Business Show got 60% of its viewers and 77% of its engagement from people carrying Apple devices. 30% of viewers and 15% of the engagement came via people on laptops and computers. 10% were on Android devices and they brought 8% of the click throughs.

This means you need to start thinking in easily digestible bite size chunks for all your push messaging. Your blogs need to say it quickly before they drift onto the next thing. Your emails need to get to the point in a few lines not a broadsheet article. Your tweets need to capture the imagination and BE REAL, not pre programmed robotic hog wash.

Most folk are hanging out on Facebook when chilling and engaging with the world so if you want to drive viewers, head over there to the right groups and share interesting stuff.

News is Instagram is kicking Facebook’s butt for engagement so start watching what folk are doing over there, thankfully we have an Instagram expert on the team… nearly 1,000,000 likes 😉

If we’re getting shorter and more pictorial with the messaging this means that each of my sites needs to have a very clear, specific purpose in this world. Quick decisions on which channel to share particular information through can be made and the content posted in the blink of an eye.

This way all this essential percussion noise can be dripped out in 10 minute chunks between key project engagements.

Something can land in your inbox or fly past on the wings of a little blue bird and you can think, I’ll add a turbo and share that on to the world while I make a brew before calling that MD back who was interested in that thing we were talking about.

And that little blue bird may well bring back with it another MD, CEO who just so happened to like your turbo action and would like you to create a new spoiler for his mission 😉

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To this end I’m looking to bring forth my Positive Energy Channel which is looking to tell stories about great people, products and places that are different and add value to the world… if you have the bones of a story, share it with us and we’ll add our magic!

Social Media Directors is the doing end of things. Projects, training, wisdom shared for a fee based on the clients agreed need. Might be some telemarketing, lead generation, web development, social media management, who knows, let’s talk turkey…

Business in Berkshire encourages sharing. Those with a need share it and we push the opportunities on to our network for fulfilment. What do you need some of?

I Love Windsor shares fun stuff that’s happening in and around Windsor with the wider community and in so doing can generate thousands of views of a single story… thousands… go sign up for the blog.

Last but not least is which has a solid pedigree but does need a more commercial flavour… any ideas, do share…

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We tried various ways of commercialising our world and the bottom line is that small businesses hate spending money, even when you show them how you have made gold for others.

So projects of meaning are sought, for companies with a turnover of £1m+ that recognise you have to speculate to accumulate and a multi-talented social media marketing with traditional telemarketing sauce and a bonus sprinkling of experience is probably what is needed to move your business forward in 2016.

Good old fashioned hard core sales is, for the most part, dead in the water in 2016. People will check you out, it’s so easy to do with the interweb. They’re not interested in being closed on the doorstep, they want information, time and space, with you on hand as required to answer their questions.

So, in the words of Balloo, “Don’t spend your time looking around for something that can’t be found!” Tell us what you’re trying to do and we’ll come up with a plan which may not include what you were looking for and then, “When you find out you can live without it and go along not thinking about it!” then you’ll be really livin’ (wo)man!

Talk soon.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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