magic in the year ahead

Here’s the magic formula you’ve been looking for to change your world in 2016

Obviously the best way to increase you luck is to toss a coin in the fountain… paypal is the new fountain of youth 😉

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Need an ounce of magic? Well you need to spread a little happiness… quickest and easiest route, hit that paypal button above and make a contribution equating to the amount of reciprocal magic you’d like to be returned to you… think of a number, double it and press donate NOW!

I wasn’t sure how to get my first story together for 2016 so I just picked up my keyboard and started typing and here’s what came out… enjoy… HNY…

What’s happening with Crowd Funding in Berkshire at the start of 2016? Sweet ** which is such a shame because as a concept it has the potential to be really beautiful…

It’s amazing what a difference a year makes in the world of online, it just keeps on changing and the social media gurus will have you believe that there is another magic platform that is just coming around the corner that will make you a billionaire tomorrow… all you have to do is believe…

Now you do know there is no Santa Claus don’t you? That was your dad… And the tooth fairy, well that was your mum 😉 Sorry to burst your bubble and all that but ‘kin’ wake up.

Business happens when you get off your fat arse and say hello to a stranger. 99% are going to say either no thank you, no or simply nothing at all. You have to just keep peddling for the 1% that actually has an interest in, an immediate pain AND budget for what you’ve got to offer.

Now you can use social media to find people and then research them so you can make the right sort of approach. You’ve got 5 seconds to make a good first impression and so doing 5 hours of research before making that call might be time well spent… or it could be that you only need to do 30 seconds of research, your target has just tweeted their love for your favourite Thespian… common ground… yippee 😉

Saying hello to strangers is really not that difficult, well for someone like me, but I can appreciate there may be some anxiety… that will be short lived if you put yourself forward and simply deal with the pain of rejection… you only have to deal with it 99 times and then by some miracle known as persistence you’ll get lucky and someone will be ready, willing and able to take some of what you’ve got to alleviate the pain they have right at that moment and as if by magic…

Just to be clear… that luck and magic are a direct result of your persistence…

You know what I’m saying so get cracking and make some of your own magic, starting with sharing that magnificent smile of yours 😉

Obviously, as mentioned before, a small or indeed significant donation via PayPal will greatly increase your chances of any luck and magic coming your way whatever else you may have read!

Happy New Year.

Thank you.


One thought on “Here’s the magic formula you’ve been looking for to change your world in 2016

  1. “Arse”…… botty please !!

    Politeness and consideration ….. that’s what is needed !! Love Mum x oh yes…. HNY xx



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