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Advice needed regarding a brand new website

Hi BIB. So glad to wake up to no snow today! I have two websites, both of which we are looking to completely redo this year.

The UK SIM website is OK. It’s basic but I think the development was based upon our Roaming website. We need to add pages in, take pages out, make it easier for me to control edits and additions etc.

The Roaming website just needs redoing completely from scratch. It’s old programming and needs updating.

We have an Admin Panel which enables me to manage a fair bit, with CMS page management too.

My problem is I’m not sure whether it would be better to get someone to design a template for us, but create two different ones for each site making them separate, or use a template site?

All the back office stuff and API is really quite complex and there is only one person I would let lose on this, but he doesn’t do design work!

I know there are some clever web designers out there who can offer some suggestions 🙂

Comment on the blog or over on LinkedIn and make yourself known.

Thank you.

Sam Osborough

3 thoughts on “Advice needed regarding a brand new website

  1. Hi Sam

    I have worked with a number of companies in Reading and surrounding areas. I design a build html5 fully CMS driven websites. We mainly work with WordPress. But mainly we work with our clients to achieve the best results for them and give them what works for them. If you are interested please contact us at Company name is Letterpress Design Ltd and my name is Satnaam. Many Thanks


  2. Hello Sam

    I’m a local (well, Oxford-based) web developer and marketer specializing in WordPress sites. Here’s the latest site I’ve just delivered:

    I see your sites don’t use WordPress – but I could create both from scratch using it (along with very advanced plugins etc.) and set things up to allow you to maintain it to whatever level of detail you needed.

    Call me for a chat to talk it through if you’re interested.

    07785-714 300



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