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Spread the News on part time jobs, consultancy opportunities and project work in Berkshire

Over the last week over 200 people have signed up to receive news on part-time jobs, consultancy opportunities and project work in Berkshire… now all we need are those opportunities to reach our news room so we can share them far & wide.


• 1024 people are signed up to receive our blogs directly to their inbox on publication.
• 5,000 get our email newsletters
• 4,374 get the blog links tweeted to them
• And 3,121 are part of our LinkedIn Group
• Plus a massive 79 on Facebook!

So it’s far to say over 10,000 people in Berkshire hear what we have to say and what we need now are plenty of part-time opportunities to come their way.

If, when you are talking to someone they mention they need someone to complete a task for them, send them over to where they can tell us what they want, what they really, really want.

When you are walking around town and see a part-time role advertised, tell the shop owner / manager where to find us so they can push the role for Berkshire to see.

If you see an advert on a website, email or tweet the website and say, hey, get over to and they’ll help you find someone to get that done.

It might a permanent part-time role or it might just be someone needs one task completing that will take a day or all points in between.

The key here is that we are trying to help local people find local opportunities and so get them £1 or two closer to meeting their commitments this month!

Those that help us spread the word will be rewarded for their efforts both in this life, by us and in the next by a greater force 😉

They promised us sunshine and double digit temperatures this afternoon… summer is on its way!

Enjoy your weekend… and think on…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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