6 ways to win

6 ways to win business through content marketing

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Åsa Burke6 ways to win business through content marketing

We live in a time of constant noise. Your customers are surrounded by marketing and advertising around the clock, and many of them are now at a point where they brutally shut out advertising. They watch TV on demand and breeze past the adverts, they install ad blocking software and they customise their social media feeds.

So how can you as a business get through to these savvy customers with YOUR message?

Allow me to show you how it’s possible.

1. Be relevant
When you know what your audience is looking for, you can become really valuable – because you can provide information that is helpful to them. Give them relevant guidance and advice that makes their life easier. By focusing on your client first and your product or service second, you will be considered much more trustworthy than someone who is simply hammering down a sales pitch.

2. Be the expert
By producing high-quality and well researched content, you can position yourself as a thought leader and an authority in your field. You can become the go-to person within your industry, as people see you consistently offering insight and value.

3. Be fresh
You wouldn’t serve up a stale cake from last Christmas for your friends. Similarly, you shouldn’t keep dragging out the same old articles and brochures into the spotlight of your web pages and your news feed. Have a calendar of planned content, where you also leave room for creating commentary on current events that impact your customers.

4. Be found
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has often been considered to be a bit of a dark art. It really shouldn’t be! A growing online library of high quality, keyword-rich content pages will go a very long way to achieve the organic Google placements that help your customers and prospects to find your business.

5. Be shared
We trust our friends and role models more than we trust corporations and brands. This is why the power of social sharing is so critical to building influence. When your advocates share your content, it will not only reach a wider audience but it will also gain the “stamp of approval” of the person sharing it. This makes their friends and connections more likely to read it. So – make your content easy to share!

6. Be engaged
Many companies fail to monitor the feedback they get on content they publish. However – this is where you can learn a valuable lesson. What comments are you getting? What do people love? What are they missing? How can you make your next item even better? By keeping your ear to the ground you will also be able to pick up leads from people’s engagement. Make sure to establish a dialogue with those who communicate with you.

Now, here’s the really good news: You can achieve all of these steps and more!

Contact us at Avancera for cost-effective content marketing.

Åsa Burke
Director, Avancera

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