Email marketing can now be paid with love this Valentines Day!

Really? How does it work? Simply show your love for E-goi’s new 5001 plan and you can use it free of charge for all your email marketing and auto-responder needs! You’ll fall head over heels for it. As I did 🙂

Those of you who’ve been following me for a while know I used Emaillabs to send my emails until last year when I tried E-goi. I was impressed with the platform’s features and really enjoyed how their support staff answered my questions and helped me move my stuff over. I now use E-goi for all my email automation.

What is E-goi?

It’s marketing automation made easy – so their blurb says, but the platform really makes it simple for you to engage leads, subscribers or customers with relevant emails as per the best practices. Do you have a blog? E-goi allows you to create an auto-responder or follow-up sequence in a snap for your course or ebook. Do you work in a company? It’s quite simple to set up an E-goi relationship workflow to help your sales folks automatically nurture your leads, build their trust and shorten the sales cycle.

Why E-goi’s 5001 plan?

Great marketing automation shouldn’t just be something for million-pound companies to enjoy. E-goi believe automation is the future and that it belongs to everyone – including bloggers and SMBs. If you have a small business, you know how important it is to get the highest return for the smallest investment. Hence E-goi’s 5001 plan. If you have up to 5001 contacts, you don’t need to pay a penny to use E-goi. Just pay it with love!

For those of you still using other tools, such as Mailchimp’s free plan, this offer from E-goi is a no-brainer. It comes complete with virtually all features, including auto-responders, sales funnels and unlimited email sends.


How can you start your relationship with E-goi?

Piece of cake. Just:

1) sign up for an E-goi account (it’s free)
2) add E-goi’s badge to your site
3) let E-goi share your love for it on your Facebook and Twitter profiles. And you’re all set!

Falling in love always requires a first step. This is E-goi’s. What will yours be? 🙂

Have fun…


P.S. the guys in Portugal wrote the copy… makes me smile they way they talk 😉

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