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Pondering European Union, TTIP and WWIII over lunch with my MP

I’ll be joining my local MP Adam Afriyie for lunch today and so was pondering a few things yesterday evening…

I’m also interested in your thoughts on these things so I can firm up on my opinions… as Boris did this evening when he nailed his colours to the mast… OUT, OUT, OUT!

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The money people want a unified Europe so they can shift our thinking as they find new ways to take any spare shillings we may have left under our mattresses… they love us all being neat and uniform… they hate messy independent thought.

In my opinion the best thing for small independent businesses is for us to exit Europe and stand on our own two feet.

Variety is the spice of life and the more creative, real ways we find to make money and provide employment for this and future generations the better things will be for the UK as a whole.

Cameron’s “pantomime” of his amazing EU Deal is purely a populous agenda to get us thinking what a great leader he is, how clever… shall we take 1 minute to dig under the bonnet of the “EU Child Benefit Deal”?

According to this Huffington Post story, 5 million claim welfare payments in the UK, 114,000 from Europe, just over 2%… we pay out £27 million for 34,000 European kids… 2 million Europeans work in the UK generating over £2,000,000,000 in taxes…

Apparently when asked, the Minister couldn’t tell the journalist what numbers were involved… BUT the PM is making a case around this “major” point… so if he doesn’t know the numbers then he’s a fairly useless Minister… reassuring to know we are employing the best people for the job! But then maybe he’s too embarrassed? Knowing fine well it’s more about pressing the right popular vote buttons than anything really meaningful… then that might be too harsh and the poor fellow was just having a bad day!

How Much Do EU Migrants Cost – Or Benefit – The UK? ‘Information Not Available’, Minister Says


One thing that isn’t being mentioned at this time is the TTIP agreement which the conservative government are a fan of… The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which I asked my local MP about a couple of years back… go have a read… bottom line, if an American Oil Tycoon wanted to frack Windsor Great Park and had a licence to do so… if the local population said “No, bugger off with your drill!” and the local council were on our side and gave the tycoons their marching orders, then Oil Inc could sue the UK Government for loss of earnings… we estimate there’s $4 billion worth of gas in the Park, please make the cheque payable to…

Does that sound like a good deal for the UK or more like the Google et al tax breaks we keep hearing about… small UK business owner gets banged up in clink for £20,000 tax bill but US companies can just take the proverbial thanks to their local consultants with friends in high places!


While others will touch on the current topic on our minds I’ll be asking about Adam’s thoughts on Saudi Arabia gathering 350,000 troops and thousands of tanks and aircraft for a military exercise with its Allies… there is a concern that with the Russians kicking Daesh butt in Syria and impacting on Saudi & Hungarian revenues and agendas that they may force the Russians into using nuclear weapons and start WWIII… interested to hear his take…

Do you have something to say on any of the above or do you prefer to keep your head down and have a low profile when it comes to politics?

Thank you.


8 thoughts on “Pondering European Union, TTIP and WWIII over lunch with my MP

  1. Hi Jon,

    Its easy to say OUT OUT OUT, but answer this question, OUT to what?

    Stay in and negotiate for better terms. Get out and how can you negotiate.

    Getting out means no negotiation!

    How do you expect to make a decision from just a two day meeting?


    Racing Fixtures Ltd.


    1. OUT of those that have no vested interest making decisions which impact on us directly…

      Let’s start again and rule our own roost while negotiating deals with Europe as we go… as business people do every day…

      But let’s not role over and allow them to remove our dignities with a quick slice of a knife which is what feels like is happening.


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