Marketing Leads for Marketing Leads

“Marketing leads for marketing leads” what’s that all about? Do you know Jeremy Stock of Run Print Run?

I’ve had a great start to 2016 and the middle is looking pretty fantastic too, so I thought, how can I smooth the way through March & April?

Well as luck would have it, one of my long term contacts, Jeremy Stock, as ever is looking for more opportunities to come his way… so I applied a little logic and figured that anyone who completes the enquiry form below, as well as getting a quote to consider will also have the opportunity to forward me a story for inclusion in The Berkshire Blog and distribution through my other channels, totalling some 10,000+ unique business people who would have the opportunity to hear more about your greatness 😉

promotional gift ideas from run print run

For clarity, provide me with a print or corporate gift lead for Run Print Run below and I will reciprocate by sharing your story…

So that makes for marketing leads for marketing leads… happy days…

Just give me a short description of your needs and Jeremy will make contact to clarify the details.

Who is Jeremy Stock?

Thank you.


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