Leap in the DARK or Walk in the PARK?

When reflecting on what to talk about this morning I can’t help but keep thinking about the EU referendum and how it is soooo likely that there will be a vote to stay in.

Are you someone who hates change? Well Cameron’s “Leap in the DARK!” will strike a chord with a bonus helping of fear which should ensure you either don’t vote or you stay with the current programme.

Hang on, before you do just stick to what you know… this chap is a Conservative MEP and he is jolly eloquent, so perhaps give him chance to make his points for a nice walk in the PARK!

I did try to find a few words from Corbyn but the only decent length version was protected… not sure why since the publisher had pinched it off the sky channel? But anyway, I am concerned that Jeremy is being a tad naive about Europe. Since Cameron directly mentioned David Icke on the topic then it’s worth listening to what this crazy madman has to say…

So what are you thinking now?

Thank you.


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