Are you getting the vibe? Does this resonate with you? Great retail therapy!

I asked the Mrs to get me a book in town last week… she came back with 4! I’m just so spoiled 😉

  • Starman David Bowie, a definitive biography by Paul Trynka
  • Banksy The Man Behind The Wall by Will Ellsworth-Jones
  • Crystal Basics by Brenda Rosen and
  • The Map of Heaven by Dr Eben Alexander with Ptolemy Tompkins

All for under a tenner from The Works 😉

I gravitated towards The Map of Heaven which says on the front cover “A neurosurgeon explores the mysteries of the afterlife and the truth about what likes beyond…” I love it when science and magic collide in a shower of golden orbs.

It’s written beautifully and stems from his near death experience. He was an atheist who would laugh inside at any mention of God type stuff and people having out of body experiences believing them to be nothing more than dreams induced by a knock on the head. Prove there is more to it… don’t waste my time! You know the sort… does that sound like you or someone you know?

dr eben alexanders spirit guide

Get his book and enjoy 145 pages (including the Appendix) took me just over a day to read between six nations and walking the dog!

He’s now diving into vibrations and how you can tune into different frequencies and relive those previous near death “real” visions of what lies beyond… just imagine what he’s going to come up with next… can’t wait >>>

This reminded me of Dr Emoto and his exploration of the energy of water, sadly we lost him last year but we didn’t lose his energy! His son is still championing his corner along with thousands of people around the world… by buying the following track you are both cleaning up your act while supporting the Water Peach Project that Dr Emoto was working on during his lifetime…


Download the track… pay what you can afford and then play it each day as you prepare your first glass of water for the day or finish your day with a relaxing bath… you can feel the cleansing nature of the music flowing through you (you are mostly water silly) and it can only do you some good… give it a go, let me know what happens.

Thank you.


The Water Blessing Song

Celebrating the Spring Equinox with the Grand Invocation, a very powerful prayer Dr. Emoto used at every water ceremony.

The Grand Invocation: “Uchu no mugen no chikara ga kori kotte, Makoto no daiwa no miyo ga, nari natta

Meaning The Eternal Power of the Universe has gathered Itself to create the World with true and grand harmony

“This is the Kotodama (spiritual power of words) that Dr. Nobuo Shioya created for peace on earth. Dr. Shioya is said to be the reincarnation of Laozi, philosopher of ancient China, and I highly respect him. He was an admirable medical doctor who served as a primary physician of the Empress, Showa Emperor’s wife”

Dr. Shioya passed away at the age of 106. While he was alive, he said to me that he was wishing that 10% of the whole people in the entire world would chant the Great Invocation. He was the Japanese oldest hsien (meaning enlighted person, mountain hermits) and devised these words since he was concerned that we would face the catastrophe.

So, let’s call out to people around you and chant the words of the Great Invocation!” ~ Masaru Emoto

Thank you.


One thought on “Are you getting the vibe? Does this resonate with you? Great retail therapy!

  1. Wow Jon you are really getting spiritual. I have come across Dr Eden Alexander in some podcasts – it’s an amazing story that certainly changed my own perspective to ‘what is consciousness’. Keep going…


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