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Thank You for the memories Dragon Slayers

I had some sad news this week and so wanted to celebrate 3 great blokes, top dragon slayers, I first met around 10 years ago and shine a little light on them to celebrate their brightness today.

matt davies taken too soon

Matt Davis moved on this week, a great human being who l met while leading a workshop for Slough council’s creative hub a bunch of years ago. He had flown around the world writing speeches for CEOs, he’d moved into video production and the last time we met, after he’d had his first treatment for a brain tumour, we were discussing doing something to help a brain tumour charity… which we’d have gotten into had his treatment worked, sadly it wasn’t to be.

He’d helped me by being a judge on the Rotary Youth Speaks Competition but had to bail on me last year when the tumour started its destructive path… bastard thing…

He was a funny guy, who had a great gift and fascination for language. He’d pop into the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group and comment on something which would get my creative juices flowing and banter would ensue… brilliant fun, brilliant mind, no doubt now shining bright upstairs 😉

sales motivation buddha

My spiritual side says there is a God, not some religious nut job but an energy of love that empowers us all to be the best we can be, if we allow ourselves the freedom to grow which means Matt is not gone gone, it’s just that most of us can’t tune in to the level he’s at most of the time… if we could we’d never get anything done, we’d be chilling with our mates from the past, present and future!

darren curtis blue

Darren Curtis is the second hero of this story. I met him through running BinB events when he’d just sold his carpet cleaning business to focus on coaching families in helping their young people free themselves from negativity.

We went and saw Mike Dooley of fame. A guy that had made a few quid with his brother selling t-shirts and then was involved in a high speed car crash in the Arabian desert and on his life support machine decided that there was something deeper that needed exploring and started pinging out daily email “Notes from the Universe” which drew us in to go hear what he had to say.

After slogging away for a few years, knowing the importance of cash flow in a business, Darren bought back his carpet cleaning business and spent his spare time helping others on their journey.

darren curtis broadband

Today, rather timely, he pinged out a “Note from Bracknell!” to say he was putting on an event on to help people free themselves from their internal dragons… rather appropriately on St George’s Day, 23rd April… get along if you’re not the best you can be and could do with those dragons turning into brain oil for future greatness!

david hampton serious

Last but certainly not least, Dave Hampton keeps my attention with his Facebook posts, taking me on many journeys on a host of topics… from his Green Party election shinanigins, winning environmental awards, rowing for team GB, being a radio presenter on Marlow FM and exploring mental pastures anew.

This morning he posted the above and since my world was sleeping, figured I’d spend a hour and tune in… so glad I did. Sent the link out to the kids in my world to go watch it… they’ll ignore but hey, can but try!

Dave and I have gigged together, speaking at a conference a few years back for Marketing Directors, him on Green, me on Crowd Funding, we were GR8 😉

He’s got a ton of energy, he needs it, he doesn’t fly and so has to buzz himself around everywhere so he can try new stuff… last week he even tried his hand at comedy…

Tune into positively energised people and just go with the flow…

Add a link below to someone you feel has this energy so we can all have a better tomorrow 😉

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Thank You for the memories Dragon Slayers

  1. Thank you very much John, that’s lovely of you. Big thanks my friend.

    I’d like to share a link to one of my favourite (constant gardener) dragon slayers, Joanna Macy, (The Work That Reconnects #WTR) telling the Shambhala Warrior prophecy story, now twelve centuries old. Good for those of us who dare to box with our shadow.


  2. And also dear departed Prof Wangari Maathai:

    In this beautifully animated clip from Dirt! The Movie, Wangari Maathai tells an inspiring tale of doing the best you can under seemingly interminable odds…


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