Calling Rotarians : What you doing for an hour or two on the 14th April?

I know that many Rotarians like to plan ahead like at least a year in advance but there are some of us that are far more spontaneous… it’s to those Rotarians I now appeal 😉


I’ve been a Rotarian for a number of years, not as many as my mate, the double “Paul Harris Fellow” Mr Chris Clarke who has been doing great work for over 50 years!

Next Thursday there is a business expo at Windsor Racecourse, the Thames Valley EXPO, which will attract around 900 local business owners to visit some of the 80 exhibitors, do a spot or networking or maybe listen to one or two of the speakers.

mayor dee quick daniel wallace jon davey

I am part of the marketing team and as such have an EXPO stand at my disposal… last year I used it to raise money for the kids in Nepal and raised around £350 on my way to a £1000 total 😉

Rotary Club Windsor and Eton ONE BOAT 45

The previous year I raised enough money for 10 boats for The Philippines with my One Boat project…

And I love this video of Trevelyan taking part in the Regional Finals in 2015… helping young people express themselves in a way that will help them massively in the business world after school is done.

Rotary logo 2015

This year I’d like to celebrate Rotary and share what great work we do with many of those that attend the EXPO.

To do this I need your help and so would like to invite Rotarians to come and help me spread the word according to St Fred of D1090…

If you could bring some A4 laminated sheets showing the work that your club has been doing, ideally 1 for each of say half a dozen projects to make it easier for readers to digest… these can then be on the table in a random fashion and shown to people as they walk past, see if we can’t drive some new members to join us.

windsor and eton rotary club banner 900

It would be amazing to have one or two members from each club turn out on the day but I appreciate it is short notice… one or two members from each town that has a club should be manageable?

This is an opportunity that is knocking and so I hope my appeal for members to help me spread the gospel is heard.

There are sure to be hundreds of members of other networking groups turning up on the day, they might be interested in joining us if they get an insight into the great work we all do for the benefit of the global community.

You up for it? Just fill in the form below so I’ll know you’re coming and I might even bake a cake, gluten free obviously 😉

Thank you.

07717 820823

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