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Enjoy fine dining, check out the MPW Experience…

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited over by Marco Pierre White to enjoy some of his fine dining at his new Steakhouse Bar & Grill on the high street.

marco pierre white steakhouse bar and grill windsor - guild hall at night

Well it was his PR team that invited me over but the sentiment was there! It felt like he was in the room though, watching us enjoy every morsel, daring us to ask for our steak well done 😉

MPW’s newest restaurant is embedded into the Castle Hotel and is proving a hit with guest, opting to stay in for dinner before taking an evening stroll through the town.

marco pierre white steakhouse bar and grill windsor - marco loves malbec

Marco had recommended the Malbec wine, seemed only right to take his advice. Great red and you could feel its power within just a few sips… should have left the car at home!

marco pierre white steakhouse bar and grill windsor - smoked mackerel

I started with the Mackerel as it reminded me of cooking freshly caught fish on the beach in the summertime… and it had been such a lovely sunny day.

marco pierre white steakhouse bar and grill windsor - ribeye steak

I love rib eye steak, it has more flavour to it than your sirloin or fillet, add a black pepper sauce and you’re in heaven…

marco pierre white steakhouse bar and grill windsor - ribeye steak with pepper sauce

A side order of anything green adds to your five a day (any shortfall can obviously be made up by ordering another bottle of Malbec!) and you’ve got an exceeding healthy meal your slimming world coach would sign off in an instant, as long as you sin the sauce and share the wine.

marco pierre white steakhouse bar and grill windsor sticky toffee pudding

What to finish off with? Plain ice cream or maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a sticky toffee pudding… awesome experience, the first mouthful exploded with toffee magic, WOW and if you have a mind to, you don’t need have a starter and main, you can just call in for the pudding… now that’s customer service moving with the times.

Only got 30 minutes for lunch, need something to brighten up your day, whatever your reason, justification… hey, you don’t need an excuse, just try it…

Ladies and gents I give you…
Marco Pierre White’s pudding menu >>>

marco pierre white steakhouse bar and grill windsor fireside

Then when you have more time and a couple of pals you want to take out for a treat, book a table and enjoy the full menu… obviously not all at once but each of you could order something different and then share for that full on MPW experience.

Don’t be messing about if he’s in the house or you might end up on the breakfast menu 😉

So what you waiting for, phone 01753 641321 or email and book that table for Saturday night… you’ll be lucky!

I’ll have news of a right royal afternoon tea and the chance to meet Marco in person at Windsor in the very near future… stay tuned and have a most enjoyable weekend.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Enjoy fine dining, check out the MPW Experience…

  1. Hello again………… MPW worked at Pool Court Restaurant with Bedrooms several years ago !! I think….. Mum

    ps It is demolished now … houses and flats!!



  2. As has been explained really looking very delicious and healthy food experience.
    Freshly caught fish prepared with or without spices ending with bowl of ice cream gives a stimulant to avail early chance to visit this lovely point with friends and family.
    Thanks to J. L Davey for introducing such a nice place.


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