shamas movie

Instead of a Takeaway this weekend, why not take in a Movie?

Have you ever really thought what it’s like for the refugees fleeing their country to find a better life?

How bad must it get for you to leave all your stuff behind, take your family and go to pastures new?

Leave the town, county and country from which you come from to go somewhere strange, somewhere that looks bloody cold on the iPhone chats you’ve had, were they speak a different language, where they may be hostile to more people “flooding their borders”.

A group of young people from Slough, lead by Director Myriam Raja, a Parisian aboard! are in the process of crowd funding their movie… they’ve had support from Creative England through their iShorts scheme and now they need a little help from the wider community… they’re 65% of the way there… help them on their journey…

Go find out more about Myriam, her team and the movie on their Crowdfunder page >>>

rotary club windsor and eton presentation dinner done

My thinking is, we don’t really have to think too hard about where our next meal is coming from and so how about giving up your next takeaway for them to raise the funding they need.

• You might be a light eater and £15 is the cost of your takeway… have beans instead and donate…
• Perhaps you like chips with that and £25 is nearer your takeaway investment, so buys some crisps…
• Or it could be that you opt for the family meal deal and £50 is nearer the mark…

You choose… a slight emptiness in your tummy is probably all you’ll actually feel but that will be replaced, filling your emptiness with fulfilment in the knowledge that you are helping a good cause, the creation of a pictorial movie representation of what it would be like to have to really think about life and what you need to do next to thrive and survive.

Why not “Go large” 😉

Thank you.


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