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Making it easy to engage… In Mind In Body…

If you want your online project to be successful then you need to make it easy for people to engage or it will simply fizzle and die.

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Last week, as part of a prize for entering my #Queenat90 twitter competition, I made a second push for Carrie Jane to encourage people I knew to vote for her to win an online competition BUT the platform is apparently old and tries too hard to get voters to enter their details…

You have to make it easy…

Today, one of my pals @CarbonCoach sent out a message via Facebook asking for me to give one of his pals a push via my channels… this time the experience was so much better… two clicks, I’ve voted and I’m gone to get on with my day… which was to write this blog as recognition of a job well done by Virgin…

Go see how easy by voting for “In Mind In Body” >>>

What’s great about the Virgin brand is they really know how to galvanise the energy of the masses… it’s not all about them, linking with LinkedIn and Crowdfunder they smooth engagement, maximise awareness and ensure everyone is a WINNER!

virgin voom in mind and body

You might then want to dream up your own pitch and lock and load before next Tuesday when applications close and then you’ll have to work hard to drive your voters by 23rd May before walking off into the sunset with your million pound prize… mind you, that might all be in sponsors products but hey, it’s the winning that matters, not the prize 😉

Thank you.


One thought on “Making it easy to engage… In Mind In Body…

  1. Thanks for sound information not adverts or puff. By chance, Jon, our paths z’s again at a time that that may be good for my continued engagement with “Wots it all about ?” wishing you good health and happiness for now, I hope to pick up the pace and thread again.


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