hottest blog conent in the UK

Who’s got the hottest blog content in the UK?

It would appear that Social Media Directors is being recognised by Google as having the hottest blog content 😉

How can you say such a thing Mr Davey? Easy, go Google: “What’s hot blog content today” and tell me what you see… are we in 2nd place on your search? Well I am on mine and that’s good enough for me.

Making outlandish claims is par for the course when it comes to the Internet… you need a strong headline because that’s what’s going to grab the attention… go ask the content aggregators out there who are smashing in billions of views in 2016.

So it’s fair to say, on so many levels, this is complete bollocks but it all comes down to how you measure yourself and get paid.

One of the things I can do with my media assets is share content and this becomes increasingly relevant of there are people out there willing to pay me in real currency to get some exposure on one or more of my sites through either real actual readers or more digital sexy domain names.

As long as the content is clean and legal then I’m a happy camper… if you are a content marketing agency then hook up and let’s talk getting your content out to the wider world.

Thank you.


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