rivertime boat trust

A Decade Making Waves @ The Rivertime Boat Trust

Summer is just around the corner and The Rivertime Boat Trust are back on the water to celebrate their tenth anniversary of enabling disabled children and adults to enjoy trips on the river at this magical time of year.

Since its launch in 2006, The Trust’s specially commissioned boat ‘Rivertime’ has taken out 15,000 disabled passengers, travelled 8,000 Thames miles between Reading and Oxford, passed through 4,000 locks and benefitted from over 6,000 volunteer hours and over 300 donations.

In the year of its tenth anniversary, the Trust has been designated an ‘exemplar organisation’ by the Health and Safety executive for their work with ‘Rivertime’ and with the Accessible Boat Club at Bisham Abbey, where they operate Bell Boats that can be safely paddled by disabled children and a Wheelyboat for those who are in wheelchairs.

As part of their ten year anniversary activity, The Rivertime Boat Trust can now be found on Facebook where passengers and friends can download colouring pages and see photos of the boats and the fun that can be had on them. They have also commissioned feature articles in the style of “A Day In The Life Of” exploring the lives of the founders and crew of The Rivertime Boat Trust and looking at of the wonders and woes of a life spent on the river.

These articles are available to use on request.

For further information on The Rivertime Boat Trust:

please contact: boating@rivertimeboattrust.org.uk

Visit www.rivertimeboattrust.org.uk

Facebook Rivertime Boat Trust

Instagram rivertimeboattrust

Twitter @RivertimeTrust

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