There’s an App for that…

Morning, very conscious that I’ve not written any business related stories for a few months so time to correct that… have you got a mobile app for your business?

What’s the point of having your own mobile app?

  • 20 years ago normal business people were starting to use plain text emails to communicate with those who were going online…
  • 15 years ago I started promoting html email as a way of tracking what your recipients did with the emails you sent them… which links did they click on… back then we were getting 50% opening rates
  • 10 years ago these were down to 30%
  • 5 years ago 20%
  • Lucky to get over 10% today

Why are these rates dropping right off?

  • Heightened security blocking anything travelling via email
  • Volume of email in your inbox, CBA!
  • New channels opening up, more options

We like new shiny things and we certainly like mobile apps in 2016

  • Apps started appearing in 2008
  • Over 100,000,000,000 downloads in 2013
  • Over 500,000 jobs created in the EU alone to date

My email providers E-Goi have recently launched their own mobile app which shares the same database as the email platform (which also offers texting and voice messaging).


I’m just starting to try out the mobile app for my new blog so if you’d like to see how I’m using it, download the app by either scanning the QR code which will take you straight to the EX10 App or download the Qero App and then plug in the EX10 reference code when asked: dqwynq

Would be great if you could download… I’m just working out the points system which will enable me to offer different rewards, the best offers / prizes to those who are more active in my world… come and join in this experiment… see you on your mobile shortly 😉

Here are a few more ideas…

If you want to try out this app for your business then sign up for E-Goi and you’ll find it on the menu…

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “There’s an App for that…

  1. How do mobile apps like this scale? Are all our contacts and prospects going to download and install an app from every business😭.

    Even though I might install your app what motivates me to keep it open and pay for your messaging to hit my phone bill?

    Time will tell, adoption and usage will be interesting to review in the future.


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