BUSINESS NEED : Accountant in Berkshire

I need an accountant who is really interested in working with a very small business!

I’ve just had a request in from someone who is looking for an accountant in Bershire… who in their words is interested in working with a very small business…

If the accountants in the house would like to put their hands up in the air and post a comment below giving us a couple of sentences about why businesses should use them with a phone number / email address / web address and anything else you think might be relevant.

Thank you.


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5 thoughts on “BUSINESS NEED : Accountant in Berkshire

  1. Hi my name is Gareth and I am Practice Principle at Keen Dicey Grover.
    We are based in Iver, so not quite in Berkshire, but I am always pleased to have a conversation, on an absolutely no charge, no obligation basis, to see how I can help business owners of whatever size.
    If this is of interest please let me know


  2. I’ve had a very good working relationship with my accountant Carla Holmes who is based in Winnersh and would be happy to introduce you to her to have a chat about your requirements.


  3. Hello, if you are looking for a commercial accountant who works with business owners from a management information/cash flow/day to day accounts/operational perspective then give me a call. If I can help I will and, if not, I can recommend an appropriate regulatory accountant.

    Best wishes

    Tracey Giblin FCA
    Thomas Anthony Commercial Accountancy Services Ltd
    M: 07977 146670


  4. Hi John

    Having tried many accountants in the dark past, Ian Baker has been my account for over a decade now. He has never let me down and always delivered a real human interface for a very competitive price. He understands the needs of small businesses – and he is a nice guy.

    I hope this helps, Happy new year, Cliff

    Cliff Edwards


    Training Services (UK) Ltd

    Winner of the PTMA annual awards for Leadership training.

    T: 01753 833273 Mobile 07770 777191

    E: W:

    Skype: cliffjedwards

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