This is what you need to do to be as cool at Tom Hardy…

EX10 Sidmouth

There will be tears next weekend as Tom Hardy’s character James Keziah Delaney leaves our screens!

Real men, especially those with beards, will morn this hiccup in the BBC schedule… what were they thinking, as episode one hit our screens surely they knew they needed to commission 5 more series on the spot!

Brilliant character play by Tom Hardy but what about that hair… it deserves an Oscar on its own 😉

Phil knows some of the mystical hair play craft that goes into making Tom larger than life… press play on video to find out more…

Obviously he means Tom Hardy but some weird protective dark force made us say Tom Daley… must have been those trunks he’s not wearing!

Funnily enough, the Sidmouth Herald is on the same wavelength as Phil and myself in telling Tom’s story… Phil spotted their story “20 things you never knew about Tom…

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