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Share you top 3 activities for the last quarter?

The summer is over before it really began in earnest… at least we had a full on sunny bank holiday weekend!

So it’s time to get our head on what is going to generate us more profitable business for the last quarter before our heads our turned again for, dare I say it, the Christmas break.

Will you be taking part in more exhibitions or do you find them a distraction from actually talking to real prospects… I guess it depends on who your prospects are?

Will you be picking up the phone a bit more often? Or do you believe that to be so 1980s and that other digital options will reap your harvest? Perhaps writing yet another post on LinkedIn and hoping for 10 likes will cut the mustard? Or £100 a month on Google will do it…

Is marketing automation your magic bullet… will it be so with GDPR coming into force next summer? Have you got a thorough data trail on each and every contacts opt-in or are you hoping that a “well they haven’t opted out” wing and a prayer will cut it?

Writing good content for your website on a regular basis will reap its benefits… not so much around SEO although you might get lucky but more to do with when “actual” people “actually” read your website and click to go to a 2nd and 3rd page when genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

What does your activity plan look like for the last quarter… share your top 3 activities and say why for others to reflect on…

Thank you

Good luck


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