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You up for a new BinB Networking Lunch?

I’m looking to generate a significant increase in turnover for Winning Tenders in 2018 and this requires every business that is going places to know we exist and what we can do for them.

When Mark & I started hosting LinkedIn workshops back in 2009 there were less than 100,000 people in Reading & Slough on LinkedIn… now this figure is over 400,000!

It appears I am 1st connections with 1,655 people in the Slough & Reading areas and 2nd connection to over 123,000… 2,427 Sales Directors & 2,304 CEOS

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Winning Tenders helps businesses get the right words on the page for a tender submission so they can win contracts for tens of thousands of pounds all the way towards the £100m mark!

• For smaller businesses looking to grow we can complete the tenders on your behalf.
• For businesses with a bid team we can act as your first line of support.
• For larger clients we can offer a Red Team Review service, coaching your team and improving the long term results.

It’s those driving the business that I need to talk to and the logical way to make this happen is to become known as the host of the best business networking lunches in Berkshire. Ten years ago our events were the talk of the networking world in Berkshire and they will be again…

My head is saying a tight format as busy people don’t want it drifting, they want to be in, do the business, make the connections, learn something new and be gone within an hour

• The venue needs to vary
• There is a cost of organising / managing the events that could be met by an annual fee or sponsorship
• The food cost again will be determined by the event. Could be pay as you go, with folk choosing from a menu delivered prior to lunch, or sponsored
• Along the lines of…

business in berkshire blog uk

• 1:00pm registration, attendee contact list, order food & pay
• 1:20pm Food served accompanied by thirty to sixty seconds from attendees on who they are and what is giving them most pain right now? What they are searching for from the crowd?
• 1:40pm Presentation from a member on a very interesting topic
• 2:00pm Stick around or crack on with your day

Folk can then follow up in their own way and the Business in Berkshire Blog Networking Lunch LinkedIn Group can become the centre of the online networking with the Berkshire Blog sharing member’s business news far and wide for free.

Obviously the lunches need to attract the right sort of attendee and so the ticket price, while reasonable, will not be cheap… saying that, a sponsor may choose to subsidise a number of attendees with the right credentials.

I’ll spend a day a week driving membership of the LinkedIn Group, currently standing at 3,721 and growing at around 30 new members a month… which obviously, with a change of gear, will increase to 300… yeah right 😉

Does this sound like a plan… I’ll gear up the first event for February and I’d love to hear your thoughts… register your interest in attending / sponsoring a lunch below:

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “You up for a new BinB Networking Lunch?

  1. Hello Jon,

    Been to Combermere Barracks this morning for breakfast in the officers mess. Although they had a list of invited guests at the gate, when we arrived at the mess there was no sign in list or a print out of attendees (it might have been a security thing as there were a number of officers present not in uniform – easily spotted).

    The upside was a good breakfast in a formal setting.

    From the presentation it seemed that they were ‘selling the idea’ that it was good to employ ex-servicemen, but more to the point that reservists employed in businesses continued to be trained and in fact supported by the Military structure which was a mutual benefit to both the Military and the reservists employers. Interesting development.

    Now to your Berkshire Business lunches 2018. There is a local group organised by (or sponsored by) Aston Bond for professionals (mainly solicitors, IFA’s. mortgage brokers/lenders, property moguls & the like). They meet in quality hotels and pay £25-£30 approx. for lunch, I’m told it’s well attended, tends to be more Slough towards the airport.

    Your format looks good, but suggest you consider specific ‘interest groups’ for separate events.

    Target people who understand ‘residual income’

    Forget the ‘trades’ as they won’t stop working in the middle of the day.

    Next year BNI is moving all its reporting, contacts, referral network & follow ups online and spreading referrals across Chapters, they have developed their own ‘App’ for this purpose.

    Your idea of letting attendees follow up in their own way seems too relaxed to me.

    There you go, now take the dogs for a walk.

    Best wishes

    Mark May

    Rent A Home Associates

    01753 622686

    Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RentahomeAssociates

    Facebook http://www.facebook.com/LettingAgentsBerkshire


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