Bull Bracknell Restaurant

Loving the old new Bull, Bracknell

Having visited the Bull on numerous occasions prior to the redevelopment of the town centre in Bracknell, I must say that personally I think the transformation is fantastic.

I know a lot of people don’t like the conservatory addition to the rear of the Bull but personally I love it. Bracknell is a new modern town centre and the mixture of the old and the new from the Bull fits in really well with the town centre.

The Bull Bar

Jean-Marc – the manager – has done a great job and the official launch evening I am sure he would say was a great success and a great turnout.

The Bull is primarily a gastro pub but I am sure there will be people who will drop in for a pint of two without eating and the bar is ceratinly big enough to cater for this. The front part of the pub – the older part – is well suited for those not wanting to eat but the rear bar is connected to the restaurant so more for the diners requirements or those waiting for a table. There are also 2 really nice outdoor areas and I can see these getting really busy in the summer months although they are pretty well utilised since the town centre opened on September 7th.

The Bull dining

The Bull also has some private dining areas on the first floor so if you are looking for a private party, this does give some other options for small groups of 10 to 20 people, and the ambience of these rooms is superb.

So in Bracknells new town centre where we have maintained history from the old building of the original high street, we now have a stunningly superb shopping and eating destination that has been buzzing since the opening and the Bull is central to the restaurant area.

The Bull food

I can see the Bull going from success to success as the town centre continues to grow and I will certainly be one of the regulars in the restaurant 😉

Thank you.

Richard Knight
Local business man who knows a good pint when he tastes it

One thought on “Loving the old new Bull, Bracknell

  1. It’s still in Bracknell, but pretending it isn’t – now you can’t just get a G&T, you need to pay £8 for a double witg fancy Gin, what’s wrong with Gordon’s.

    Agreed the extension looks great and the inside is plush. Just a shame that they have forgotten its roots.


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