Reading Tender Opportunity – Large Format Digital Advertising Roadside Structures

Reading Borough Council

Value of contract: £6.0m

Closing date: 13 July 2018

Reading Borough Council wish to invite tenders from suitable Media Development Companies (Contractors) for the installation and operation of ‘Large Format Digital Roadside Advertising Structures’ upon the Council’s estate as a means of generating a guaranteed and sustainable income stream for the Council.
In addition to standard digital media formats; Mega 6, 48 & 96sht, proposals for the development of bespoke landmark structures that commercially exploit the positive attributes of particular locations are also encouraged.
The standard tenure offered in respect of each proposed development type, will be as follows;
• 7 years – 48sht Digital
• 10 years – 96sht, Mega 6 (or equivalent) & Bespoke Landmark developments including bridges.
Further specific detail on the terms of the standard contract tenure is included within the concession agreement.
The Council will provide organisations that pass the PQQ selection stage with access to the Council’s land ownership/highway map data to enable identification of appropriate development sites within the Council’s estate.
Subject to consideration and statutory consent, premium highway locations available within the Borough of Reading include (this should not to be viewed as an exhaustive list):
• A33
• A329
• M4 Junction 11
• A4
• Inner Distribution Road (IDR) – including bridge structures
It is anticipated that developments will comprise a mix of single, double and possibly multi sided digital media structures at a number of roadside locations, all of which would be on Council land, mostly within the public highway estate.
For clarity – The tender does not extend to other formats of media advertising. Only large ‘Digital’ formats of advertising, such as; Mega 6, 48sht, 96sht and bespoke landmark, will be considered.

Gross contract value represents the cumulative gross revenues generated by potential site operations based upon general assumptions/estimates in relation to likely panel numbers, format combinations and contract duration at the time of this tender.

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