Slough Tender Opportunity – Request For Quotation (RFQ) for Apprenticeship Training Programmes (Adult Social Care)

SE Shared Services

Value of contract: 

Closing date: 06 August 2018

At Slough Borough Council (SBC) “We want to recruit, retain and develop high quality people who are committed to Slough and supported to do their job”, as part of our 5-year plan for our Council and our residents.

The Council will create a ‘Slough Academy’ with a vision of “Growing our own talent through Continuous Professional Development opportunities.” The Academy will integrate individual development with team and organisational performance at every stage of an employee’s career. Development pathways will be available for each profession which support staff and encourage progression within their chosen career

The Academy is open to both existing employees and new Apprentices recruited into the Council.
The scheme is currently in the pilot phase and Adult Social Care is the target audience for this pilot, called Adult Social Care Trailblazer. The pilot will include Apprenticeships for staff across the department.

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