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Launching the Business in Berkshire LIVE Stream…

What’s the best way to create awareness of your business in 2018? Launching the Business in Berkshire LIVE Stream…

Does the world need another email newsletter? I don’t think so!

Are the business owners I am trying to reach going to sign up for a blog? Probably not… they signed up to 20 or 30 in the past and rarely get round to reading them!

How about attending business lunches? Maybe, but they are likely to already have signed up for a regular monthly lunch and are only able to attend every other, as business commitments keep them tied up… they don’t need another!

What makes the most sense?

What is not going to take too much planning and preparation as I need to focus on the day job?

What allows folk to tune in while taking a 15 minute break… probably the length of the typical lunch break in 2018… just read an article that said it was 34 mins with most not leaving the office.

So a 15 minute LIVE video stream at a fixed time each day / week would allow folk to watch and ask questions in real time or tune in later during the 20 – 30 mins slot when they choose to take lunch… assuming they know we are pushing out a live feed!

If we run this on Youtube then the platform will also help grow the audience…

By starting with a weekly slot, sponsored by Winning Tenders, we can test this through to Christmas and see if we can build some traction… we can also run random slots around this as we are out and about and bump into someone who would make for an interesting 5 – 10 minute video post.

Here’s the first episode…

The BinBNews Channel on Youtube has had nearly 50,000 views in total across around 250 videos… so that’s an average of 200 views per video… let’s see if we can’t gain some momentum with these videos…

Will get a test video out today and look to live stream once a week around lunchtime… the actual next planned event will be listed on the blog top right…

Thank you.


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