Danny Edward's Fruit Wokingham

Wokingham Fit for Business, Thriving Together

I’m not a great fan of breakfast networking, preferring to talk business over lunch but this looked like one to make an exception for… how are Wokingham engaging with businesses?

I wonder how many of the attendees bought some fruit and veg from Danny at Edward’s Fruit Stall after the meeting? I made my contribution to the local economy!

Charlotte Haitham-Taylor Wokingham Council

With a £7m shortfall looming as the government cuts the purse strings, I did like Charlotte’s approach to demands for future business rates… they will be advised to revise their expectations.

And so it should be… if a council truly engages with encouraging businesses to open and thrive in their town then any resulting rates should be re-invested in the local business community.

Bernie Pich Wokingham Council

There was much talk of the Wokingham Borough Plan and the vision of a thriving town centre economy with a variety of shops, 18 hour days, spaces to breathe, streets that become places to visit and all attractively designed to set standard. Looking good Wokingham 😉

sid valley neighbourhood plan youngsters view

Having just come back from two years living in Devon where I got involved with the local neighbourhood plan as a way of getting to know people. We invited the young people to join in and make their contribution to the future vision of Sidmouth… I offered this as a suggestion which seemed to go down well…

Gary Cranford Wokingham Council

My core business in 2018 is helping businesses win tenders… so if you are looking to win a business tender then give me a call…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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