Employers Agent for the new Community Centre at School Green SHINFIELD PARISH COUNCIL tender closes 14th December

The Shinfield Community Centre Management Committee (SCCMC) has been formed as a partnership between SPC and WBC to manage the delivery of the new Community Centre at Shinfield School Green The project covers the development of a new 560 sqm community centre on the Royal British Legion site which is leased by Shinfield Parish Council from the University of Reading for 125 years until 2140. The new building will be linked to the existing Shinfield Parish Hall which is being bought as a freehold by the Parish Council. The total project works will cover around 620 sqm including the new building, link and works in the existing building. The project is funded by a Section 106 Agreement and approved funding form Wokingham Borough Council.

The engagement covers the provision of Employers Agent services covering the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) scope of works Stages 1 to 7 for the design and construction of the Shinfield Community Centre at School Green, Shinfield, RG2 9EH.

The Employers Agent services contract will include:
• Ensuring compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, 2015;
• Advising the Shinfield Community Centre Management Committee (SCCMC) on and implementing the most appropriate procurement arrangements and contract for the construction works.
• Providing cost advice to the SCCMC and liaising with the Principal Designer and Principal contractor to ensure value for money, completeness of scope and timely construction.
• Providing monitoring reports on progress to the SCCMC.

We attach the specification for the role, current design drawings and notice of a public engagement event for information. Suitable practices are invited to submit a bid for the role of Employers Agent/Cost Advisor for this project. The closing date for bids will be 12.00 noon 14th December 2018 and should be submitted on paper to the address below in a plain envelope.

Bids should demonstrate experience of this kind of project and fee proposals should be fixed price.
The successful bidder will be engaged on Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors standard terms of appointment.

All inquiries and bids should be addressed to:
The Clerk of Shinfield Parish Council
Shinfield Parish Hall
School Green
Tel 0118 988 8220
e-mail: clerk@shinfieldparish.gov.uk

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