Bracknell Forest Borough Council Prior Informatation Notice Remediation and Development Land at Strongs Heath London Road Ascot Tender Closes 7th February

Bracknell Forest Council are wishing to explore the feasibility of options to develop / remediate a former landfill site in Bracknell. The Council’s main objective in doing so is to create a sustainable site, free of contamination that is suitable for use as a housing development site.
Strong’s Heath, London Road (Ascot RG12 9FR) is a 13.01 hectare former landfill site, currently managed by the Council on behalf of the six unitary authorities in Berkshire.

A map is available at:

Potential development of the site should be considered in the context of the Council’s development plan policies which can be found at the following link plan.

This notice is to inform the market about the opportunity and to invite organisations to express an interest in attending a Market Consultation Day and to participate in a market consultation exercise. All organisations which express an interest will be invited to attend a Market Consultation Day on 8th February 2019 the arrangements for which will be confirmed in due course.

The Council will undertake further engagement with organisations that express interest in doing so by way of follow up meetings to understand further the options and potential solutions so as to help the Council to prepare plan for and conduct the subsequent procurement procedure. This engagement is expected to take place in late February – March 2019.

The formal procurement will be advertised and is likely to commence in July 2019 using either the Competitive Procedure with Negotiation or the Competitive Dialogue procedure.

This notice is not a definitive indication of potential future procurement activity and the contents may be subject to change. This notice makes no commitment to undertake a procurement exercise and is not part of any prequalification or selection process.

The Council does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information. The Council will not be liable for any costs, expenditure or effort incurred by you in participating in this preliminary market consultation exercise, including any early termination or amendment by the Council.

Please express your interest in this opportunity and in attending the Market Consultation Day by emailing: with subject ‘London Road Options’ and providing relevant contact details to the Council.

The closing date for expressions of interest in attending the Market Consultation Day is 17:00 pm on 18 January 2019.

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