Health and Safety Training Lot 1 IOSH – Training and Lot 2 – Nebosh Training Royal Berkshire Fire Authority Tender Closes 26th February

This tender document sets out the statement of requirements for the provision of Health and Safety Training courses accredited to IOSH and Nebosh, the courses are estimates and not a commitment provide to Royal Berkshire Fire Authority (RBFA) (‘The Authority’). The Authority takes seriously its commitment to health and safety. Given the nature of the work undertaken by fire fighters and the important role of its support staff in engendering a culture and ethos that supports this commitment, the provision of high quality training is seen as being key to our success in delivering a best in class Health and Safety service. This training is offered in two Lots.

Lot 1 is for the delivery of IOSH Accredited training

Lot 2 is for the delivery of Nebosh Accredited training

Interested suppliers are able to offer a tender proposal for either Lot or both Lots. Tenderers who apply for both Lots may also offer an additional discount if successful in being awarded both Lots.

As part of our collaborative programme Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Fire Authority of Stocklake, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP20 1BD and Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue of County Hall, New Road, Oxford OX1 1ND are named in this tender so they have an option to join this contract on the same terms and conditions on their written request to do so but at present there is no commitment to calling any courses off.

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